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Linwood Timber is a busy Dorset-based sawmill just down the road from us. They mill-up a vast variety of woods to their customers’ specifications, including building timber, roofing shingles and even rare and exotic woods for the most creative of projects. We’ve worked with Denny before creating the Upton Forestry Services website so we were excited about getting our hands on this one!

Website Design

Starting off, we spent a half day at the sawmill and got some gorgeous snaps of the wood and pieces they’ve got for sale. We love the look of wood up close and these images completely inspired the layout of the site, particularly on the homepage where the photos feature prominently. We also added in a cheeky saw animation to the logo which we kept slow on main site pages so as not to draw all of the focus! The Shop section of the website has an e-commerce feel, but due to the bespoke nature of the items instead of purchasing online viewers are encouraged to get in touch for quotes and to order.

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We’ve headed out on a few occasions to take general lifestyle photos plus specific product shots for Linwood Timber. It’s always a pleasure to photograph such beautiful natural products.